ANAC – Automatic Number Area Code

Some people use the terms ANAC and ANI as if they were interchangable, however they are two different things. An ANAC is a number you call to have the number you are calling from read back to you. ANI is the information sent down your line so that the phone company knows who to bill. (For more on ANI see the How to stop a trace page)

An ANAC at first glance doesnt seem to be very useful. but when you are beige boxing behind some building and you want to know what number you are at and ANAC is exactly what you need.

ANAC’s also open up another way to access unlisted phone numbers or to find hidden numbers that terminate at a specific geographioc location, such as credit card and lottery machines, and dedicated fax and modem lines.

Simply go to the back of a building or follow the lines to the terminal block and clip onto the lines with your beige box one at a time and dial the anac. you could also do this from inside by picking up a phone or or by plugging in at either a spare jack or at the junction box usually located inside a closet.

ANAC’s can also be called before you begin a campaign to make sure your calls are untraceable or traceable to another number. If you hear the number you are calling from then you are doing something wrong.

There are two kinds of ANAC’s – First here are the ones that the phone company uses. the easiest way to get these is to aska lineman the next time they repair something at yours or a freinds house. you could even try asking the next time you see a lineman pulled over on the side of the street eating lunch. some commaon anacs are:

  • 200 2222
  • 200 222 2222
  • 211 2345
  • 200 xxx 1234
  • 211 2121
  • 200 200 2002
  • 211 1111
  • x11
  • 260 xxxx
  • 958
  • 410
  • 998
  • 99851
  • 530
  • 99851 000000000

After looking over the chart try all the combinations. If none of them work for you try experimenting within that format. (x can be any number)

Another type of ANAC is the 800# variety. These are very useful as they arent limited to a certain geographic area. Some 800# ANAC’s will read back your number and thats it. but most are meant to be used for billing prposes. for instance when you call some sex lines they read back your phone number and sometimes a pin number to be used with their service.

All sorts of services read back your number, cable, mail order, even electric companies. The problem is fining one that you can use. First ask around somebody is bound to have one that you can start with. if not you had better start war dialing or calling every 800# sex line you can find.

Direct dial anac’s are also very usefull as most calling card services wont allow you to call an 800#. These you just dial as if it were a regualar 7 or 10 digit phone number. sometimes they have to be preceeded by the proper tenex code or the system wont read back your number as they dont understand or pass the same ani. at least not yet.

Something worth mentioning but isnt quite an ANAC is 17005554141, it will tell you what ldc they have in case you wanted to switch it or order more calling card numbers.